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But, we aren't just about food!  Jasper, our former Chief Canine Officer, believed that happiness cannot come without tasty treats, long lasting chews, fun toys, good grooming care, great walks, and a comfy bed to nap in. So, Pet Pangaea carries tons of toys, chews, beds, and great gear for grooming and walks, including lighted collars for safety. Our Chief Feline Officer, Hana, made sure we had kitty necessities, like cat litter, and favorites, too, like catnip and wonderful scratching posts. We carry a range of hard goods, including:

  • dog houses
  • Doggles Protective Eyewear for Dogs
  • electronic training collars
  • horse goods, including brushes, tubs, and halters
  • patio panel pet doors
  • pet barriers for your vehicle
  • pet containment systems
  • pet doors
  • plastic molded airline-carrier type crates
  • play pen fencing for pets
  • wire crates
In our stock selection, we prefer to support companies that are eco-friendly, have products made in the USA, and are involved in the promotion of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare philanthropy.

Although our primary mission is happy, healthy, and safe pets, we have items to encourage happy humans, like fun books, doormats, and games related to our pet friends.

Brands we carry include (but aren't limited to!):

Pet Pangaea is Where Pets Rule the World.
We know that they want their humans to be happy and have some fun, too.

Pet Pangaea General Store Information

We are located at 158 Central Park Square. Our phone number is (505) 661-1010.  Click here for hours and holiday closures!

If you have a pet supply emergency after hours, please contact us through our pet panic hotline.

If you would prefer to shop at a different time, please let us know, either through the "Contact Us" link above or in person at the store.
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you better.

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