Webinar : Reading Pet Food Labels

Pet Pangaea Webinar : Reading Pet Food Labels

"Reading Pet Food Labels:
Making Informed Choices for Your Pet" Seminar

When: Friday, June 8th from noon - 1PM MDT

Where: Anywhere! This seminar will be delivered on-line.
You just need a computer with a good internet connection.

Cost: Free

How you sign up: Reservations required and space is limited. Please sign up by clicking here.

Pet food labels can be extremely deceiving. Most people do not know if their pet's food is the best choice for them or even what their pet is actually eating. Do you know what the terms "premium", "ultra premium" or "natural" mean when they are printed on a pet food label? Did you know that a label can have "organic" written on it and not contain organic ingredients? Sign up for this free webinar and learn how to decipher pet food labels and understand the true meaning of the label claims found on pet food labels. Armed with the information you learn in this webinar, you will be able to make informed decisions on your pet's food and choose the best foods for them.

**This webinar will be delivered on-line, not given at the store. ** You just need a computer and Internet connection. You will also be provided a phone number to call, in the event that your Internet connection speed or computer setup is not suitable for voice communication and you prefer to have your audio delivered over the phone.

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